A SolSpace is...

A greenhouse designed to extend the growing season and provide your family the space to grow your own healthy produce - starting the season a bit earlier and ending it a bit later.

A studio designed to provide you the quiet and comfortable space you need for a zoom meeting, a yoga class or the oasis you imagined for your art studio.

A garden suite designed to be a comfortable and energy-wise living space for your extended family or guests, a year-round income suite or perhaps it's your getaway cabin retreat on your recreation property.


SolSpaces were each carefully designed in consultation and collaboration with industry experts in architecture, engineering and construction. Every element of design and every process to build is made with the intention to provide structures that will, first and foremost, enhance daily living for our clients, and ultimately empower communities and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

The SolSpace building envelope is made with ‘Structured Insulated Panels’  (SIPs). SIPs are high performance building systems used in residential construction. They are an energy efficient alternative to wood framing providing even better insulation than traditional construction material.

Each SolSpace also has the capacity to be designed with a solar system to offset energy usage and even reach net-zero.

How to get started…

  1. Imagine the possibilities
  2. Share your vision with our team
  3. We’ll make a site plan and a build a schedule that fits your budget and your timeline
  4. Enjoy your extra space knowing you have taken a giant step to independence and off the grid

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Whether it be a She Shed, Guest House, Art Studio or Workshop, Sol Studios give you the freedom to create an extra space that is energy efficient and designed to empower the extra that brings so much joy to our lives.

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