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Sol Spaces - Coming Soon!

Sol Spaces are prefabricated living structures that are easily scalable and can fit within any environment. The concept behind Sol Spaces is to provide living spaces that are easily constructed and use alternative energy as a power source. Sol Spaces can be used for backyard studios, year-round greenhouses, or fully functional living spaces.

Sol Spaces removes the complexity of incorporating alternative energy. Our living spaces are designed to be easily constructed with its self-contained power source built right into the structure. This easy, kit-like assembly allows virtually anyone to install a Sol Space.

Sol Spaces are designed with cutting edge technology, smart technology to monitor the living space and clean technology to power it. Exceed Solar has tapped best-of-breed technology from around the world in order to meet this objective. The result is cutting edge living spaces that redefine conventional approaches to building homes and backyard suites.

Why go Sol Space?

There are many good reasons to invest in sustainable living. Perhaps the biggest reason is that we all want to make a difference in meeting the challenges of climate change. Here are some great reasons to purchase Sol Spaces:

  1. Energy Freedom – Perhaps one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in going solar is the freedom to generate and consume your own clean energy.
  2. Sustainable Living – Utilizing the ability to grow organic foods in your own backyard, not only saving money but also saving the carbon footprint of transporting fruits and vegetables over long distances.
  3. Practicality – The power of solar energy is immense, and harnessing this energy is both practical and economical.
  4. Return on Investment – Alternative energy is becoming increasingly affordable, enabling people to leverage an endless supply of natural energy for living spaces, multiuse, or greenhouse gardening.